The Wailing Nature

First meet with a blow of wind, Everything so dimmed. Red roses, black thorns, Together match so better. Dwelling water shining like crystal, Under the moon, nightingale whistle. Fireflies around the trunk of the tree, Nothing seemed like the world we see. Stars twinkling, clouds dancing, Below the shade of the moon, squirrels romancing. Ocean’s […]

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Is it so hard to be happy?

We do not understand in words,therefore we do not speak in words, but what we always want is… happiness! Humans only know how to buy happiness,Not how to find happiness. Their intellect is money is happiness.They do find happiness but in currency. They think having expensive commodities will bestow them happiness.They think living in a […]

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Why Did You Change?

Just once, turn around and look, you’ll find the whole world behind you. Just once, turn around and look,You’ll find success at your feet. Just once, turn around and look,Opportunity is right beside you. Just once, turn around and look,Your past is no more your present. Just once, turn around and look,You aren’t a stone […]

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Can God hear me?

To the creator, I am very melancholy in the world,please bless me. Do not separate me from your devotion even for a moment,Do not let this slave be. There are one ninety-three people; have taken births and myriad found misery. Stuck between the world of myths and in the world of agony,Saw all the territories, […]

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If tomorrow?

If tomorrow you get someone more perfect than me,Will you leave me alone? If tomorrow something happens to me,Will you care for me the same way you do now? If tomorrow I no more exist in this world,Will you forget me? ~RG~ If tomorrow never comes, Make sure you are satisfied With the way today […]

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Nobody to depend on.

‘You are too good for me’ ‘I will destroy you one day, for sure’ ‘You don’t love me, its called infatuation. It’s just temporary’ ‘We are not meant for each other’ ‘The sooner we leave each other, the better’ ‘I am not a good guy for you.’ ‘We will never be happy together’ He just […]

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Love Is Waste Of Time?

You say love is messed up,You say that it doesn’t work,You don’t wanna try, no, noAnd baby, I’m no stranger,To heartbreak and the pain, ofAlways being let go. And I know there’s no making this right,This right,And I know there’s no changing your mind, Your mind,But we both found each other tonight,Tonight.So if love is […]

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Dreams are never a reality

Days went by, I started loving you. I wanted to be by your side forever, But never knew fate has something else in the cover. I wanted to take care of you, To wash dishes together & end with a water fight, To cook together, to work together,To laugh together, to cry together. To massage […]

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Alone before, Alone after

Some good days, some bad days,life is filled with.Can’t deny the truth,just comprehend the fact. Yesterday I was alive,tomorrow I will be gone. Birth & death.Living & dying. Time flies like a rocket,life melts like ice cream.Live it before it reaches the space,eat it before it melts.Then don’t complain that you don’t know how it […]

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Not being with you!

I want to run away from you,From your feelings,From your desires,From your everything! Being with you was fun,But that wasn’t the real me. Being with you was great,But happiness wasn’t in our fate. Being with you was.The best part of my life,But that part of my life is my only regret! It would be good,If […]

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