They tricked me.

Life is a song,
Switch your radio on,
Dance and sing like you are born,
To dance for the carnival of the morn.

Life is short,
Live like a queen consort.
The death will come,
Then everything will succumb.

Time doesn’t stay still,
But sure it does kill.

Don’t believe in people’s belief,
Try it, you find none but grief.
Waking up with a lot of beliefs,
Never knew that they’ll deceive.

Looked the world with a lot of hopes,
I disbelieve all the tales.
Then, why check the horoscope,
When I have so much to tell.

We are here for an unspecified intention,
Doesn’t matter if you don’t strive perfection.
Who even cares if you are miserable,
They enjoy your every dismal.








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