▪ Un-ited- Verse

Hello Star,
Take me to a new verse.
Where we are a part of uni-verse,

Where there are no full stops,
No question marks.

A phrase,
Where there are no punctuation mistakes,
And no demise is pardoned with escapes,
Where we are born to live life,
Not dying on the edge of a knife.

Where life is not filled with simile,
And everyone has their own family,
Where people don’t discriminate,
On the basis of one’s fate.
Where people don’t act as a comma,
between the journey and goal.
Where we don’t just throw off inverted comma’s,
But put it in actions.

Where people don’t cheat,
Like the prince in the cinderella’s story did,
Where there’s a happy ending,
Not like the story of Romeo and Juliet.

Hello my star, Is there such a verse?


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