365 days to a New Year

With happy smiles and cheers,
We celebrated the new year,
Oblivious about the future,
We entered the phase with glimmer.

Then there was this day,
15th April, Wednesday,
And my life changed,
With unaltered dismay.

5th may,
The purest soul,
Left the immoral world.
The essence of its presence,
This unpredicted demise,
Disrupted my unplanned journey,
In this violated community.

17th July,
Another angelic soul,
Left the unethical world,
To climb the stairs of the universe,
Leaving the stars in my hand.
The therapist of my spirit,
The only motive of my visit,
Ripped the eternal strings apart.

4th August,
Didn’t leave the merciless land,
But abandoned the agonizing heart,
Dismissing the validity of breaths,
In the own shredded haven,
Clueless of the consequences,
Running miles on heated ice.

31st December,
Only bodies attain death,
Neither hopes nor fantasy,
Now only faith is in my pocket,
Which makes me still alive,
To enter another phase with the same,
Glimmer and joy.

This time, let’s really hope for a HAPPY NEW YEAR,
Because expectation never dies,
Passion never extinct,
Ambition never decease,
Desires never vanish.

let’s wish for a HAPPY 2021.


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