Radhika Gujar

Let’s build something together.

Hey, I am Radhika Gujar. I’ll go with RG. I act like I am cute but so am not. And yes! If you eat pineapple on pizza, holy shit! We can’t be friends. I believe more in self-love than else-love. I am an ambivert. That’s it.

So, basically, my blog is all about life – Life experiences, love, friendships, hardships, dark life truths. I either write it in the form of article, poetry or a story. And after reading my blogs, I hope that you can trust yourself more, love yourself more and have more confidence in yourself. I would like to make someones’ day better than it was. I hope my writing inspires you to believe in yourself.

Thank you!

I may not be with you from the very starting but I promise that I will be with you till the end.